Svg exports from lightburn sometimes are missing content

I noticed that sometimes exports to svg from lightburn will contain errors / miss content.

Sometimes, some shapes are missing and it seems that once a shape exports incorrectly, it will always do so. In the attached file, I’m the zeros always fail to export properly.

Here is an example file:
Calendar.lbrn (33.8 KB)
And the svg export I always get (notice none of the “0” have been rendered in the svg file):

I opened your lbrn file and noticed that the text is set to serial number (my first guess). In that mode, when I export, the zeroes drop off as well. Changing the text to normal causes the export to return the zeroes to the correct locations.

I suppose another option would have been to change the text to paths, but the first method worked.

Oh, that’s good to know thanks!

Yes, i was initially trying to do automatic incrementation, but couldn’t get it to work, so dropped the idea and entered the numbers manually.

I had completely forgotten about that.


If you had quoted the numbers, they’d export exactly as is.

Using serial numbering, 0 is a reserved character, telling the system you want to export leading zeros, and the letters d and h specify a digit placeholder for decimal or hex numbers. So if your text was:


That means, show leading zeros, and output two decimal digits, so you’d get 00, 01, 02, … 98, 99, 00, 01, …

If you put single quotes around it, like this:


That means, “this is exactly what I want in my output, so don’t touch it.” and it would output 0dd exactly as you wrote, so you can use this to do things like this:

'Your 0-day serial number is:' 0dddd

And that would spit out:

Your 0-day serial number is: 0037

(or whatever the serial number was)

All variable text fields are evaluated when you preview, run the job on the laser, or export to a file, so it can be used to generate serialized data even if you don’t use LightBurn to run the files. (EZCad users can do this, for example)

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Thanks! That clears it up a lot!

Cheers! :grin:

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