SVG file cut issue

So I am back with another question. I have tried to cut out several SVG files. I import the file and it looks fine. When I preview it the once solid line is now broken up with dashes. I have no idea why this is happening. I tried to cut it anyway and yup it just cut the line with not cut spaces in between. Any suggestions.


You can usually be sure that if something is wrong in the preview, it will be wrong on the work.

Take a look at the power settings for the dashed line section. Is it set to skip or perforate?

Did you enable ‘Perforation Mode’ in the cut setting? That would do it.

It could also be a bitmap image in the SVG, which would make it raster scan, and those will look like a sequence of closely spaced horizontal lines in the preview, instead of following along the path like vectors would.

Well the Perforation was not on. However, I am assuming there has to be a bitmap underneath the solid line. I see dashes under the line for whatever reason. I changed the layer and it cut the dashes and then went back and cut the solid line. Not sure why you would embed a bitmap like that for a simple line.