Svg file engrave with more precision

Hi guys, I’m new to the laser world. Let me start by saying that I only work on steel, and I make half a millimeter deep engravings, and they are often miniatures, the files I use are SVG, but I notice that in very small spaces sometimes the details vanish. I would like to increase the precision and have more accurate details.

My laser is a 100w jpt mopa fiber. Which setting needs to be adjusted to get more details? .
Thank you and good day

Hi Giuseppe,

Could you post a few visual aids

What the original looks like, vs what engraves

hi thank you so much for your help always :). I’ll send you the .lbrn2 file directly, so maybe I can understand better with the measurements you asked for, writing them would be a little difficult :). Obviously I would like to keep all the details, but I tried to engrave but with little success, many details are lost

esagoni.lbrn2 (46,3 KB)

That’s TINY!

Can you post - if you can - a image of the engrave results?

Thank you for your answer . I put the settings and engraving (steel) under the images, as you can see there are points that should have empty space, but it doesn’t remain, I thought I could still improve the quality in the miniature engravings, unfortunately the things I have to envy are in very large spaces very small . Thanks again for your concern

I can’t see anything glaringly wrong with your settings
But Galvo is not my forte - Yet! :smiley:

I am sure someone in the forum will give some insight, however i would start doing some small patterns - simple lines and shapes to verify if your laser is accurate, You have a bit of miss aligned overlaps and it might be something is a little loose.

A couple places I go for settings to try. Laser everything has downloadable libraries to match laser power. Laser tips just has settings to program and try and adjust.

I did a couple of tests but at the moment I haven’t found any significant improvements, maybe if I knew what the exact parameter would be, I would try to vary just that. I will do more tests and keep you updated, and if necessary I will also post updates

What is the diameter of your beam? Your image only has about 0.005" spacing.

I don’t know what the diameter of my spoke is. Could you send some photos of what the beam setting is? so I can give you a confirmation? Thank you

Today I did some tests, and the best setting is the one I show below in the photos. I also send photos of the engraving. If you think it’s still possible to improve, write it and I’ll do more tests. Thanks to everyone and have a good day


I just did your file on a razor blade. Using 4 different settings.