SVG file problem

I create a box with website but when I open at lightburn this file show nothing.When opened with IE design looks fine.Hoe I can resolve this?

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I’ve never been able to open anything from
I can view the output in firefox, but can’t open the files in Lightburn, RDWorks, or Inkscape. Not in any of the file formats.
Doesn’t work on either of my win7 machines, doesn’t work on my Linux machine.

I gave it up as a garbage website.

Send one of the files to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look. It’s possible that they’re using parts of the SVG format that LightBurn doesn’t support. It’s a surprisingly complicated file format, so we only support things we’ve seen in actual use.

Something has changed recently, either with or with LightBurn. I have hundreds of designs that I created using and imported into LightBurn that worked fine. But I just tried one now and it did not import, I just got a blank workspace. I have emailed the offending SVG

Edit: The file opens in Inkscape, and I resaved it using Inkscape, and it still did not load into lightburn using the import command.

I imported an older SVG from and it imported correctly, so my money is on something changed. I will email the working file from as well.

I have opened file at free version of lightburn a 2 months ago but now after purchasing licence and install newest version stop working

The new ones have namespaces in all the field names. It’s something that’s supported by XML and SVG, but I’ve never seen it actually used before. The next release of LightBurn has been updated to ignore them

For what this means, the entries in an SVG usually look like this:

< path d=“some drawing commands here” />

The newer files look like this:

< NS1:path d="… " />

The “NS1:” bit is what was added. It’s weird, seems unnecessary.

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I noticed they changed from V1 .0 to V 1.1

So I try new version soon

When it’s released, yes.

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