Svg Image resizing

Hi, hope someone can help.
When I import an svg containing images and vector shapes, they no longer align (nowhere near). I have imported the same file in illustrator and other software and there is no issue.
Any ideas?

Any SVG, or a specific one? Where was it created?

Hi Oz, the original file was created in Affinity Designer, ( It wont let me upload an svg here to show you).
When I re-save the svg in illustrator it works fine. must be some aspect to the svg file that Affinity saves but illustrator doesn’t.

switching between Affinity and Illustrator would be a pain… if only illustrator did vertical centred text…

Can you email the original SVG and the re-saved one to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? Zip them so the email client doesn’t do anything dumb with them, and I’ll have a look. I’ve seen issues with Affinity files before - they use parts of the SVG spec we don’t see in the wild very often, so I suspect I know what this is already, but a file sent will confirm it.

I have a similar problem. Exported as a PDF and Lightburn could import it correctly.

Also using Affinity designer to create the files?

Yes. I can mail you the file if you need more research material.

The file has engravings and cuts. After the import half of the vectors are about a quarter of the size and all appear to be engravings. I tried to change them to cut and noticed that they are imported as an image. Very strange.

And I have tested it with Inkscape and it could import the file.

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