SVG Import goes wonky

I created an SVG in inkscape but when imported it looks like all the SVG objects lose proportions and are overlayed on each other
Sorry I can’t show more - I can only upload 1 image

Your profile has been updated to allow you to post more images. :slight_smile:

Please post what the original SVG “should” look like and we can go from there.

You can also send the SVG itself to developer at LightBurnSoftware dot com, or post it here, so we can have a look.

I’d be interested in seeing the original svg.
I’ve used Inkscape for quite a few years, and I used to (rarely) see a scrambled sort of output like that when importing to other programs. But it’s at least a year or more since I’ve seen that sort of thing. Not sure if it was an Inkscape bug that got fixed or something weird I was doing that I don’t do anymore…

But that begs the question… What’s your Inkscape version? Are you using the latest? (0.92.4 I think)

Is there any text in that mess? Was the text converted to path before doing any manipulation to it (intersections with other objects, node editing, etc) ?

Here is the screencap from Inkscape. I sent the SVG to the email address - didn’t want to post it as it has some purchased copyrighted content.

I’m running 0.92.4

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