SVG Import, lightburn ignoring polyline objects

i wanted to import a design i exported from my PCB EDA software as SVG

on closer inspection it contains 3 different object types. <rect <polyline and <circle.

rect and circle work fine but it wont import polylines at all

a example svg file with just a polyline inside:
its code looks like this (had to remove all < symbols otherwise the text wouldnt be visible…?!)

	svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="35.103mm" height="61.976mm" viewBox="4009.9 3475 138.2 244">
	style type="text/css">
		*[layerid="1"] {stroke:#000000;fill:#000000;}
		*[fill="none"] {fill: none;}
		*[stroke="none"] {stroke: none;}
		path, polyline, polygon, line {stroke-linecap:round;}
	polyline points="4043.445 3629.1922 4043.445 3639.055 4041.5 3641 4036.9568 3641" stroke-width="4"  stroke-linecap="round" fill="none" layerid="1" net="GND" id="gge2008" locked="0" />

the svg should look like this (zoomed in)

but nothing gets imported into lightburn at all.
when i add another object like rect or circle to the code, it only imports that piece, nothing else.

please add polyline support to svg import.

As a workaround, open the file in Inkscape, select the shape(s) and then

Path>Stroke to Path

Save and import SVG into LB


@RalphU just beat me to it!!



That worked like a charm, thank you very much.

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