SVG Layers not Importing into Lightburn

I’m not sure if this is the right spot, but I’ve searched and seen some topics dealing with SVG file types but no answer to this one.

Full disclosure, I’m not an Adobe Illustrator user, the customer is forwarding us the SVG. First we had an issue with the .AI file she sent - it only imported as one of the 5 layers she needs (layer 6), despite on her end having all the data in it. OK, so I asked for it in SVG form. She sent the 5 layers, each as a separate SVG… except this time no matter which layer I open, ALL the data is there - as in all 5 layers and it’s all colored in the “red” layer in Lightburn so I have no way to separate the intricate shapes out.

Anybody experienced this? Is it something I need to tell her to do differently in Adobe or a problem on my end? We’ve imported SVG files before that have several layers, and those layers import into Lightburn with different colors assigned no problem.

I’ve attached a couple pics, I can clarify if needed. The screenshot with what appears to just be an outline is the AI file import, and the one with lots and lots of lines inside is the SVG import (but all red!)

LightBurn ignores layers - it imports different colored shapes as unique layers, so the if you simply give the layers in the original file different colors, that will work.

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With regards to the AI file you received only having layer 6 import into Lighturn

If layers are locked or turned off in the AI file, Lightburn ignores them on import. That is most likely what happened.

With regards to the SVG files you received, if the extra 5 layers were merely turned off, Lightburn would turn all 6 layers back on when importing.

Having your client change the color of each separate layer would be the ideal solution. If they just want to export a SVG with the 6 layers on, you could get yourself a copy of Inkscape, and open the SVG file. When opening a SVG in Inkscape that was exported from Illustrator, it technically creates “Objects” which are like layers.

You would open the Objects panel, and change the stroke color of each separate Objects to something unique. Once done, select all, copy to clipboard, switch to Lightburn, and paste.

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