SVG not coming over correctly

I’ve got an issue where an SVG is showing up great in inkscape or internet explorer, but when I pull it into lighburn, it doesn’t. Anyone know what to do to fix this? Is there a format I can export in that might work better?

I’m going to be cutting the lines and rastering the images.

SVG’s work great in LightBurn. I suspect the image editing you did to create this work in your external tools is a “masking” and not a true crop. It is a virtual crop used by these programs to allow the image to stay unaltered and still available in its original form. You should “flatten” these or use a true corp tool prior to exporting as SVG and they will import as expected.

Rick is correct - LightBurn doesn’t support masks yet. Can I ask you to forward me this file, or a simple version of it with a single one of those cropped images and the hexagon? It’ll make a good reference for implementing the feature.

Done! sent to your inbox. Let me know if it doesn’t come through.

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