SVG of font with swish's exported from Photo Shop not loading in LB

Hello I was wondering how I can create a word with swish’s on the end or tails. I was able to make a word with the glyphs in photo shop and save it as an svg. However when i open it in LightBurn the image is pretty deformed. I’m am trying to find videos that show glyphs being used in LightBurn font.

Thanks in advance

Can you show an example of what you mean? (attach a picture, or the SVG?)

This is in photoshop

This next one is saved as an svg file from photoshop and opened in LightBurn.


Is there a way to use the fonts and their swish’s in LightBurn?

From what I recall I don’t think opentype glyphs work in LightBurn. I tried entering glyphs several versions ago and it didn’t work. SVG text import was not available at the time so wouldn’t have had that option.

Suggest you convert the text to a path and import that way.


If it’s an OpenType font, not TrueType, then it’s likely not going to work. I’d need the SVG and the font file to dig in to try to see what’s happening.

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