Svg problem unable to ungroup or mask

hello all
so i have downloaded an svg file for a perpetual calendar but the size of the image is to big for work area of laser (olm2 pro) and unable to split into smaller parts in lightburn

can ungroup the 2 large circles with numbers and months but that is it they stay in same position

have tried everything without success so time to ask for help
all help welcome

You first refer to the file as an SVG but then mention that it’s an image. This may or may not be the cause of your issues. Are you actually importing the SVG into LightBurn as an SVG? Or has this been converted into an image first?

If possible, this would be better and easier if you could bring this in as an SVG as the shapes will be preserved and you could do the ungrouping as you’re expecting. If this is an image the reason why you can’t ungroup is because the image does not contain any shape information, it’s literally just a rectangle of colored pixels.

You could use the trace tool to re-create paths from the image but you would basically taking a copy of a copy which will degrade quality.

If you’re actually working with an SVG already and still have problems please post the .lbrn file here and someone can help you sort out what the issue is.

Many of the ‘svg’ files you see are really image files.

When you load it into lightburn, what does the layer say line or image.

Can you post the .lbrn2 file and the svg file? Just drop them on the desktop.

You can drag and drop them on the reply window…


Okay. That is a proper SVG file so you should be good to go. Try this:

  1. Import this svg file into LightBurn
  2. Select everything on the workspace (ctrl-a)
  3. Ungroup (ctrl-u or Arrange->Ungroup)

See if that frees up the shapes that you need.

There are potentially multiple nestings of groupings so if you need to further ungroup you can do that.

As @berainlb suggests.

Thanks for the help unfortunately work getting in the way of fun but will try and get on this at weekend

Here is a LB file with each shape grouped.
Advent_Calendar.lbrn2 (615.6 KB)

edit - the SVG file has a few odd nodes in it that you might want to clean up in Lightburn

Same conclusion from here, just a little too late :wink:

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