SVG to Inkscape to Light Burn

I have been trying to import a test file into light burn only to be faced with a pop up window, that light burn cant import the text :frowning: so i came to these fourms in hopes to learn how to overcome this hurdle.
I read i need Inkscape (downloaded) to import the file into their and path it. HUH, what ?? Path it? i have no darn clue what this mean or how to path it. I see the word Path in Inkscape but i just clicked on all buttons and i got no darn clue what to do. I looked up you tube and there is no tutorial on this (hey youtubers you make get some extra views if you make this video)

Please help community,

I think if you search on “Inkscape convert text to path” you will find a gazillion videos on that. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but a lot…

So if i want this (image below) I would have to go type up all in inkscape, path it, paste in light burn? whats the point if i could just type it all up in light burn. not really saving any time at all.

I think this might be a good place to ask, what is the format of the source art?

No, select it all, and convert the objects to paths. Then save as SVG and open in LightBurn - that will work.

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