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So I swapped to a new computer, no when I go to the laser and put the laser head in the center of my piece it doesn’t frame there, it moves away from my piece. I have user origin ticked in LB software. What am I missing? If I hook my old laptop back up it works fine.

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Without a bit more technical information (screen shots of the current old system machine and job settings and also same of the new computer), I would say your settings are different from those correctly set on your Laptop. Fastest and most accurate diagnostic would be for you to compare the two and adjust the new system to match that of the old.

But please, share a bit more here and we can help.

I’m going from a window 7 to a windows 10. Here are a couple of pictures, hope you can see them.

That is a start. Now post the ‘Device Settings’ window for both. Click ‘Spanner/Screwdriver’ icon to expose.

Connected to the same laser?

Yes exact same laser.

Did you put the origin in the center of the piece and press the origin button on the controller?

The 2nd part is necessary, otherwise it’s using the last origin you set.

Here ya go

Yes I did and it would frame from there. It always went back top right.

I don’t understand the 2nd part of this - “it always went back top right”.

To be clear, right now, running LightBurn 0.9.10 on both systems, if you frame on the Win7 machine it does what you expect, and if you frame on the Win10 machine it doesn’t?

The frame behavior for User Origin did change for Ruida controllers in 0.9.10, so I want to make sure that the Win7 machine is actually doing what you say it is, and it’s not just that it used to work that way on the older version.

The best way I can describe it is. When I place the laser pointer in the middle of the project and hit frame on the laser it self with my win 7 machine connected it frames correctly and finished back in the center where I set the origin.
With the Win10 machine connected I put the laser pointer in exact same position, hit orgin and it frames it lower that the work piece and comes to rest top right. Not in center like I set the orgin.

You’re hitting Frame on the laser itself? So you aren’t framing the file loaded in LightBurn, but whatever the last file is in the laser. If that happened to be sent in Absolute Coords, it will frame there.

If you hit the Frame button in LightBurn then it’s framing the file loaded in LightBurn. You have to send the file to the laser for the Frame button on the laser to frame that file.

I’m hitting the frame button on my laser both times, and I’ve sent the file from both computers, if that makes sense.

And both computers are set to ‘User Origin’? (Just double checking) If both computers have all the same settings for Origin location and workspace size, this makes no sense at all.

Does it behave the same if you just draw a circle or square and frame that? (trying to figure out if it’s something weird in the file, or just the difference between machines)

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