Switch needed for CO2 RF-Laser Source

Hi dear Lightburn Team,

My CO2 Lasersource need few seconds after switching the output on ( interlock )

In Ezcad i can activate a button with the function “Laser On”. I switch it and so i simulate the interlock circle. After few seconds the laser let signals go to the source.

I try to simulate this in LB with the Red Dot always on function, but it work not correctly. Between framing and lasering for a short time the reddot turns off and so the timer from the interlock starts new.

I must laser a box in a seperate layer first with no power and then the next layer will be lasered…

If i had here a switch ( Button ) too, it will be better :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

If you don´t know, what i mean :slight_smile:

That’s nice, but I can’t run ezcad natively, so I have no idea what it actually does. There is no such button in Lightburn… that I’m aware of.

I’ve changed my tube type to RF before and didn’t notice any menu differences.


You must activate this button in the config IO from EzCad.

The Button is normaly not activated.

If you give Laser Power IO a portnumber ( in my example the enable input port from the laser source ) the button will be shown in the normal EzCad Menü und you can set so the interlock or for a nd:yag you can switch on/off the pumplamp or the pumplaser. :slight_smile:

And it will be very helpful, LB becomes a button too :slight_smile:

I follow you here… It’s similar to the configuration of my fiber…

Let’s ask @JohnJohn about this… similar questions have come up before…

Hang in there… these are working people that take the weekends off, at least I hope they are…


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Then we’ll give the boys and girls their weekend :cowboy_hat_face:

Monday will continue to be annoying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this a Dual Source galvo?

I’d like the model number so I can download the User’s guide.

Hi JohnJohn :slight_smile:

No no… not a dual galvo, a pure co2 Galvo with a lmcv4 card. The source is a synrad firestar with 30 watts. And this source series has a interlock and after clothing this interlockline i can work with this source after few seconds.

I can send the manual with mail, if you want. Attache in this posting dosen´t work

@Death I accept your generous offer. Thanks!

Best email address is Support@LightBurnSoftware.com
Subject: Re: CO2 galvo timing delay Forum: 126361

Please include:
Attn: John - Requested Material

…in the body of the email. I’ll check with the support desk to see when it arrives.

If you’re willing to send the markcfg7 file that you received with your laser, that may offer us other useful insights as well.


I make it so. You become a mail from me :slight_smile:

If my old eyes don’t deceive me, then you realized the switches :slight_smile:

I’ll test tomorrow.

Thank you very much, dear Lightburn team :cowboy_hat_face:

Either I have a mistake in my thinking or the switch is not yet working correctly.

When I activate the switch ( Ready Light - port output 9 ) the source is not fire


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