Switch what is being cut from what is the moves between cuts

I have a file that i converted to SVG it is cutting what I want it to move through and moving through what I want it to cut. Is there a way to reverse these selections?

consider to post your .lbrn or .lbrn2 file to be examined for assistance. Without that information, there are too many things to consider to be practical.

E Squared.lbrn2 (335.2 KB)
Above is the file. I wish to switch what is being cut.

Thanks should have thought of that. I have uploaded it.

First problem is it’s not in SVG it’s an image.

OK I converted it to an svg how do I swap the cuts?
E Squared

modded E Squared.lbrn2 (494.9 KB)

Be sure to either delete the bitmap or set the output to off. Also, you have a square that isn’t needed, as best as I can determine. The attached file moves the square off to the side for easy deletion.

I converted the bitmap to a trace, set the bitmap layer output (and show) to off and just moved the square. If the result is not what you require, please advise.

What I’m trying to do to this is cut the red sections and move through the black the exact opposite of how it is setup. How do I switch that?

Place the modded file back over the other one. Black over the image.

Ungroup and delete the square “frame”.


If you want to have a frame, add another square to give the frame some ‘thickness’…

I made a few little adjustments. just suggestions, The original appears to have been intended to be a cut line since all the elements were connected by tabs. They muddy the image and you don’t need them for an engrave. Of course, if they’re part of the aesthetic, that’s perfectly fine, too.

if you want to try it, call that a learning module in the boolean and node edit tools. Between the two examples, you’ll be off to a good start. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.

Image reversal has been a big stumbling block for me. Seems devs. could automate it with a reverse image option.

I agree. I figured there was but apparently not?

I’m not following what you mean by this.

For raster images there is a toggle in Cut settings called “Negative Image” that will invert the image.

For vector graphics “inversion” is dependent on the design itself. There’s no automated way to simply invert the graphics of a vector design without changing the design itself. In practice, vector graphics can generally be inverted by placing a surrounding shape around the existing one or by removing an existing surrounding shape if one is already in place.

So why can’t that be done with an invert option? By removing or adding an offset.

Take any sufficiently complex design, what’s the correct way to offset it as an inversion toggle? If you wanted to revert it, what would be the correct way to do that? What if you started with the opposite scenario? This isn’t really a deterministically reversible process in a way that would really be useful in a broad sense.

The idea of inverting implies a toggle of some sort. Doing so for vectors isn’t so much a toggle but a change in geometry and design change. LightBurn already has tools to accommodate for that. If you want to brute force then simply create a shape around what exists or use the offset tool. That would be the same number of potential steps as any potential automated way of doing this.

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