Switching between Smoothie and GRBL-LPC

If i switch from Grbl-lpc to Smoothie, then decide to switch back to Grbl-lpc, will I have to edit all the $ settings again? Or are they preserved somehow? Smoothie has a config.txt, so it is easy to switch to, but unsure of how grbl is handled.

GRBL is pre-configured at compile time with a certain set of values. When you do the $ commands those get saved to memory and survive power cycles. But when you reflash grbl from the .bin file again, those are lost and it reverts to the compile time settings.

The correct answer for “I have a unique machine config” is to compile your own - either learn to do it yourself or buy Jim some beer.

There’s also a fun workaround which is to note the $ settings you have and then run them through console as an LB macro after you flash.

I like the macro idea. Thanks.

I thought you might.

Before long LightBurn will also support save / load of machine settings as well, so it’ll be possible to save your GRBL config to disk and just re-apply it when you re-flash.