Sync Settings 2nd PC

Hi there :wave: not sure if this is in the correct area of the forums. I would like to install a second copy of Lighburn on my main PC for file design and setup purposes, but how do I sync both versions so that when I save the file I can bring it into the laptop and all of the burn settings, etc… are the same? Please if you can supply some screenshots if I have to enable anything to thank you in advance. -S :cherry_blossom:

If you do a File/Export Prefs on your machine that is configured now and hooked to your laser, and save that to a shared folder or USB drive or something. Then on your design computer, you’ll need to configure a dummy laser so you can get to the interface. Then, do a File/Import Prefs and import the prefs you exported from the other machine. This will configure your design computer the same as your other one.

Can I reverse the steps? I want to do everything on the design pc and then send the final to the laptop so if anything it’s a minor tweak in power speed etc…

This is a one time process that will get your design computer to have a matching configuration to your machine that runs the laser. Same work area size, units of measure, etc. Once you do this, both machines will be configured in identical ways. Then, you can create your project files on your design computer and send to your computer at the laser. If you need to make speed or power adjustments at the laser computer, you can do so there if needed.

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