Synology Drive (app) users here? Considering it

I just ordered a dedicated “laser” laptop which will “require” altering the way I handle file sharing.

I HATE cloud storage (security, privacy, cost), so I do it myself. Yes, I know. Don’t bother saying it. :grin:

I already have a Synology NAS with copious space (48TB or thereabouts) that I use for bulk storage and backup. However, historically, and until this new laptop arrives, I keep the working copies of everything laser related on the laptop and only back up to the NAS on a schedule. This was adequate with a single workstation. Adding a second workstation where I would likely design on one and then edit/execute on another will be easier with a file sync/share.

The current laptop has the NAS folders as mapped local drives and it works fine. I could work directly out of them, but I liked having the working files on the machine. I could do the same with the new machine but that creates a lot of manual file transfers and potential for versioning errors. Or I could just work directly out of the mapped drive.


I’m now thinking of adding the Synology Drive app suite to (hopefully) automate the file sync work as well as take over backup, versioning, etc. It sounds good on paper but I’ve never used it and don’t know anybody that does. (I’m the only one in my “circle” with a full blown personal NAS).

All that said … Is anybody using it successfully? If there are known issues as it relates to LB, I’ll just save myself the time and avoid it.

Could this be successfully used to share libraries and settings as well as the obvious design files? If not, that’s not a showstopper, but it would be nice.

We use OneDrive at work and it honestly seems to work pretty good other than some occasional irritations caused primarily, I suspect, by network admin restrictions. If I can get similar functionality from Syn Drive without the “cloud”, I’ll be happy.

I run a Synology DS218play NAS and also have local drives mapped to various folders on it. I use two laptops for LB, one that I mostly use for design work and the other in the garage that runs the laser. I keep all of my LB files, including art and material libraries on the NAS (via a mapped drive). I’ve been doing this since I started lasering about 2.5 years ago and haven’t had any issues at all with this set up. I’ve not looked into using the Synology Drive app for syncing so I can’t offer any help there.

Hope this helps.

I too use a Synology DS920+ with mapped folders exposed to the network
Had no problems at all.

I tried to use their “Synology drive” thing, but too cumbersome really

I think the main problem on cloud based storage is the way they do sync that messes with all things.

Hmm… I knew there were issues with OneDrive and wondered if keeping on a static IP or mapped drive would solve that. I honestly don’t know what’s “under the hood” with OneDrive and how a local solution might differ.

Onedrive, google drive, dropbox and alikes have a versioning issue that might - if you are quite fast across paltforms - cause issues

I do use One Drive when on the road and never experience issues, but what most people describe is use it as a “network drive”
Create things in the office > go down to the workshop and open and work.
The time delay between creating > save > use might be too short for all to be synched.
Then that creates issues

Another issue one one drive too is when Microsoft in its infinite wisdom uses OneDrive as the default User folder. where lightburn preferences might also be saved to.

Sorry to step in.
It would be a foolproof function if Lightburn could automatically append 2 or 3 characters between the file name and the extension to identify the SEAT that saves the file, e.g. xxxxxxxx.02.lbrn2.
Will put this on Fider.


I use a Synology NAS with mapped drives. I’m running 2 windows laptops and a M1 Mac Mini with a diode and a C02 laser. My one laptop is in the house and I use it for design work only. I have profiles for both my machines on it because I typically design a project with a particular machine in mind.

The other laptop is connected to my diode machine via USB and is on the same work table. I connect to my C02 through my LAN and typically send work there from my Mac which is located in an office in my workshop.

All that being said, other than being just a little bit slower than loading a project file locally, the NAS works flawlessly. The NAS is physically located in my office in the shop and I have a Ubiquiti wireless bridge between the house and workshop.

The only issue I have experienced with this method is when I reboot my Mac it doesn’t connect to the libraries the first time I open Lightburn. I believe it’s because the Mac file system hasn’t mapped the drives yet. I load the libraries manually and they are always found from there on out until
I reboot again. Not a big deal.

Using the Synology DS218+ for my NAS box. It replaces the sneaker-net between 3 laptops. Take a look at BACKUP4ALL to see if it meets your needs. Can do full, incremental, and scheduled backups.

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