T1 plus other T's block the operation of the piece

Since Feb occasionally I down load pieces that list layers like T1,T2 these I need to convert some times with shift key and others with control key sometimes it changes the entire piece. What is it for and how to correct it the right way.

Hi David, the T1 and T2 are tools not for use as layers, the rest of the colour palette are for layers but the tools are for example if you wanted to outline something to help with the layout of a project but don’t want it as part of.
Hope this helps, if not i’m sure someone will explain it better.

The problem is some of the layers needed in the project are within the T’s when you cut it these areas are non existent and whether it is a cut or score it is not done

Any chance of a screenshot of the project and settings?

That’s right. Objects on tool layers are NOT output to the laser. Tool layers are places to put objects used to help with alignment or reference. An example would be “text on path” where you don’t want the path itself to be sent to the laser so it gets put on a tool layer instead.

If you have objects on tool layers that you want cut then you need to select them and move them to a different layer.

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Thanks Hank but when data of cuts are only in the T’s what is the best way to recover it. Example I bought a checker board and the dark boxes were T1 when I printed it all I got was the trim no engraved boxes

Correct. Nothing that resided on a Tools Layer will be sent to the laser. We don’t even present a way to set power or speed settings for those layers.

Select the things you want to move from this tools layer, then click on one of the layer colors presented at the bottom of LightBurn, to change the layer where these shapes are located.

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Hold the Shift key and click the T1 or T2 layer in the Cuts/Layers window to select everything of that color. Then click one of the other palette colors along the bottom of the main window to assign the selected shapes to a new color that is not one of the T1/T2 colors.

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