T1 T2 Frames not working on different computer

1st post here, hello all.

Originally I setup Lightburn on my Dell Precision 7100 laptop and I really had no issues. Then because this laptop is my business computer I transferred lightburn over to a laptop that would be for the laser exclusively. It’s a Dell Inspiron. Both have Win7 on them. The Precision has Win7 Pro and the Inspiron has Win7 Home Premium.

The Inspiron needed to have the device driver installed whereas the Precision was able to self install the drivers.

When I used the Precision the T1, T2 Frames worked as they should. The frame would work when I pressed SHIFT with the Frame button and it would outline on the laser exactly where my project should be placed.

When I use the Inspiron the SHIFT Frame doesn’t work, it acts like the T1/T2 frames aren’t there or turned off when they exist and are turned on. If I change the Frame to a layer the SHIFT Frame buttons act correctly framing the project with the diode laser turned on (0.25% power). So I have to always remember to turn that layer off so it doesn’t get burnt.

Why isn’t the T1/T2 frames working on the Inspiron while they work fine with the Precision. I’m not positive, but I believe the Lightburn on the Inspiron was updated to the most current version while the Precision is still one version behind.

Any ideas on what might be going on?


Just to check…is the ‘Frame’ switch flipped Off (red) by chance?

Thanks, but no. That would be too simple. For now I have one of the layers set up for 6000 at zero power in case I forget to turn the box off.

Same version of LightBurn on both machines? Do you have the ‘Fire’ button enabled on both? Set to the same percentage?

At the time I noticed the 2nd machine (Insipron - won’t frame) had the latest version of LB on it. The computer (Precision) had the version prior. If I recall the Precision had the fire button on and set to .25% and the Inspiron had the fire button on and set to .26%

I don’t have the Inspiron here right now, it’s at my shop with the laser so I’m not positive about it’s percentage.

Both machines were set at 0.25% power with their fire buttons activated.

Do you have ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ enabled on the machine that’s not framing? If not, do this on both machines:

  • Draw a rectangle using one of the tool layers
  • In the console, turn on the ‘Show All’ toggle
  • Hold Shift and click the frame button
  • Copy the GCode that is displayed in the console here into a message, and label the machine it came from.

With that I should be able to spot what’s different with them.

Almost positive ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ is on in both computers.

I’ll get you the GCodes next time I have both computers in the shop. Thanks Oz

Ya well, glad I said almost positive. Flipped the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and the frames are now working on the problem computer.

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