T1 & T2 tool layer restoral

Not sure how I did this but I have lost my T1 & T2 tool layers functionality. Is there any way to restore these two default layers?

There was a bug that I’ve fixed for the next patch release. I’m honestly unsure how this happens (it’s very rare) in the first place but I’ve made sure it can’t ever happen again - tool layers are simple, so I never really needed to save them to your preferences in the first place.

Go to File > Export Prefs and then email that file to support@lightburnsoftware.com and reference this forum post. I’ll fix it and send it back to you for re-import.
The new patch will fix it as well (honestly, as you have it now it doesn’t hurt anything functionally) but I don’t have an ETA on when that patch release will be out right now.

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Thank you Adam for getting me fixed up so quickly.


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