T2Laser Settings for engraving wood on 15000mw blue CNC Universal Engraver Machine


Total newbie to everything laser! I need to engrave wood discs for my daughter’s “Save the Date” magnets for her wedding, just recently purchased Universal Engraver 15000mw blue CNC laser machine and T2Laser Software, but need to know what the correct settings should be to accomplish this…or at least how to come close.

Also, would like to engrave many of the wooden discs in one engraving setting. They are 3-inch discs and I have a 40x40 laser setup. If anyone has suggestions how to set up a file and how to accurately arrange/place the discs on my platform so that they are all centered and engrave properly, that would be wonderful!

And, I need settings for T2Laser Software to engrave/burn them. I may have bitten off more than I can chew by telling my daughter that I would just buy an engraver and do them myself! Ugh!

I need the instructions for quote, “Dummies,” unquote! I have attached below a jpeg of what I am looking to engrave on the wood.



You do realize this is the LightBurn support forum and not the T2Laser support forum? Kind of like calling Apple computer to fix your PC.

Yes, I do realize this is a LightBurn forum.

T2Laser forum suggested coming here to seek some guidance.

The bulk of users here are LightBurn users. We might have a few past T2 users, but I’ve never used that software and would have no idea what settings it has for engraving.

Having said that, the forum here is run by us to support our users learning the software, and sometimes that includes getting the machine dialed in, so you might find posts here from other users with your same machine that are relevant.

Thank you, Oz.

And, with that being said, if I were to try Lightburn software, any suggested settings that would work with Universal Engraver 15000mw blue CNC 40x40 machine for engraving 3-inch wood discs?

I just want to get these completed for my daughter. If I need to purchase another software, so be it, I’m happy to do so.

I’m not familiar with Universal Engraver, but assuming it’s GRBL, a threshold image mode (no dithering), 2500mm/minute, 80% power, and about 300 DPI would be my suggestion for a starting point. Try that and see how readable it is - 3" isn’t very large, and the details on that are pretty fine, so if there is a preview available, I’d check it there first to see if the details are sufficient.

Expect to run a couple as tests before you get it dialed in, and make sure it’s focused properly too if you haven’t done that yet.

Your question about setting up your workspace can be answered with cardboard. When I require accurate registration, I use the laser to cut an opening to match the work piece. It’s necessary to secure the cardboard to the bed or all the effort is for naught.

Use cardboard that is just a bit thinner than your wood, to allow you to lift them out and place the next run, or cut thumb holes on the sides of the openings for the same purpose.

The cut file you create for the cardboard cut is then used as a guide for the engraving to be performed.


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