Tab implementation, inside or out?

I’m not sure this is version specific, so I won’t blame it on any particular release.
It appears that having tabs implemented in a job changes the selected item to “non-outside” in that the inside circle is ignored during the “cut insides first” aspect.

To be less confusing, I have a part on which tabs are placed. The part has a circular hole in the center. Unless I put the circular hole on its own layer, it cuts after the outer perimeter of the part is cut. I suspect that this is because the tabs change the closed shape to an open one.

Is this an accurate representation? Is this an expected behavior?

Is there a work-around to prevent the requirement of creating an additional layer for the inner shapes?

For info I’m not experiencing this. The inner circle is cut first then the outer, which has the tabs applied.

I’ll have to double check that my shapes are truly closed, which isn’t a certainty. They were generated by Inkscape’s extension and I may have neglected to close the constructions. I only thought of that aspect as I read your reply. I try to join all the Inkscape builds, but may have forgotten for this one.

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