Tabbed Box Maker Plugin

There’s a plugin for Inkscape ( ) for making tabbed boxes. Does anyone know of a plugin of the same sort for LightBurn?

I’ve done a search and cannot find anything that indicates that there is one. All I have found are people who use Inkscape with the above linked page’s plugin for it to make boxes which they then port over to LightBurn.

One does not currently exist. :slight_smile:

Good thing I have asked the creator of the Inkscape plugin if he’d consider making one for LB.

Thanks for the response. Much appreciated, even if not the answer I desired. :smiley:

Quoting Oz: “The eventual goal is to integrate Python.”

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There isn’t any plugin support in Lightburn. As Rick pointed out, Python integration is coming. That is great as many graphics and CAD programs use Python for scripting as well, so there are a lot of plugins already written that shouldn’t take much to port to Lightburn.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

This might be of use:

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There is also:

I have found to be the best one so far. It supports more types of boxes than anyone else.

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The one I linked has about 60 predefined types that can be parametrically modefied, a designer module, pop up greeting card designer, 3D letter designer (Boxed letters and numbers). It has a small yearly subscription fee however, if I remember, about 10 euro or something like that, but I use it almost daily, so for me it is worth it. It also does puzzle generation, gears, and paper boxes. He is adding to it all the time.

Hmm… I am aware of the one you linked to. Maybe it was the paywall that stopped me from investigating it completely but I don’t remember it being any better than the one Oz linked to.

Their gallery is impressive, a lot of cool stuff.

BoxDesigner Gallery

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