Table does not move


Im brand new to all this and could do with some help, I think its probably the way Ive setup, but when I send an image to the Laser it just goes back and forth and the table does not move.

Is there anyone else that had this problem and could help.

Thanks, Rich

What is your DPI or interval value set to? And, if you aren’t engraving an image, does the Y axis move properly?

Got to be honest and say I don`t know.

I hoped that everything would be pre set. I have under estimated the complexity of using this equipment.

My best suggestion to you would be to start here:

Read that page, and click ‘Next >’ at the bottom to go through the next four or five pages until you get to the ‘Simple Project’ and work through that. When you get to that point, you’ll know more and will have an easier time asking questions because a good deal of the fundamental stuff and terminology is covered in those first few pages. It should help get you going, and it won’t take you long to work through.

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