Table favors for Woman Marines Association's 100th anniversary

Helped a friend of ours design and cut (she assembled like 100 of these) the parts for the WMA’s recent 100th Anniversary Celebration.


Very cool! I really like these multidimensional projects! I presume this was a blemish based on the broken 8… :rofl:

Very good work!

Actually, it was an early prototype - some changes were made to the final design - like fixing the stencil lines and adding some embellishments to the corners of the backing card. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them after assembly - I wanted nothing to do with that job! Apparently, they were a big hit at the event and a picture of one was featured of the front cover of their monthly magazine. We have one of those Minc foil machines so what you probably can’t tell is that the emblem in the middle is printed, gold foiled and then cut out on Big Red from card stock.

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Great stuff… It’s encouraging to see this… Looking for my opportunity to do something like it… Thanks!