Tabs automatically are on and will not turn off per default settings

When I set something to line, tabs automatically are in place. I have to turn them off manually. I push the button to make it the default setting but it does not change anything. I have restarted the software and rebooted my computer.

Can you post a screen shot, so we can see what’s happening?


All I did is select a circle and drew it. When I checked the settings the tabs are automatically on.

Mine does the same thing any time I do circles. I’d be interested in learning how to stop the “auto tabbing” thing.

I need to add that this happens even if I import a file or open an existing file. As long as I use the line function I get tabs.

Also check the Load default layer settings on new or restart option in Edit → Settings → File Settings:

You probably want it On to load whatever the defaults are for that layer.

That said, building up a Material Library with the proper settings for all your materials & operations has a lot to recommend it. I use colors on the red end of the spectrum for cuts and blues for engraving, with their parameters coming from the library as needed, because having a name attached to the parameters gets me out of having to remember what will happen with this particular shade of red.

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My tabs do the same thing i was wondering why my parts wouldn’t fall out.
I have to check it all the time to make sure it is off.

ednisley–I have already tried that.

Curious to see where this is going, I recently cut 50mm circles, including a small hole in the circle, and had no issue with them falling out. In other words, no tabs and I did nothing to make it so.

I read your post closer and found that that button was not on. I selected it and it fixes the problem. Thanks!

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