Tabs/bridges missing after exporting job to dxf/ai/svg


I need help please. After reading up in this forum I realize that my laser machine is not supported by Lightburn because it runs a M2 Nano controller. I understand that and cannot upgrade to another controller yet, however:

I mainly need to add breakout tabs/bridges to my jobs as I cut a lot of 3-D puzzle models. When I add the tabs I can see the tabs under Preview but when I export the job to dxf/ai/svg, the tabs aren’t there anymore. How do I save/export a job to dxf/ai/svg to use in another program without needing to add a laser machine in Lightburn?

Lightburn is the only program that I have found that can auto generate these tabs and I love the function. I would really buy a license just for this function as I do not have time or patience to individually add 3+ tabs to a 300 piece 3-D puzzle.

My machine uses CorelLaser to cut so I mainly import to CorelDraw, sometimes Vectric Aspire to edit.

Please help.

Unfortunately tabs are only output to the cut job and not when you export as DXF/AI/SVG. As in they are only inserted when you actually send the job to a machine. We currently have no plans to export them back to vector formats.

Not a perfect solution but could you potentially:

  1. Setup tabs in cut settings
  2. Select objects
  3. Edit->Convert to cut (debug)
  4. Export AI/SVG

That is very unfortunate.

My friend, You are a treasure. It worked. It did create the desired tabs and copied the new vectors on top of the original. I just have to delete the original vectors and there it is, all my parts with tabs. Thank you very much because you have made my life so much easier.

Have a blessed day.

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