Tabs generation

anyone offer some help with the Tabs function

if i open thelayer with the tabs function it shows on the preview but when i close the layer properties…it all dissapears?

Not sure i understand your issue.
in order to see your shape’s tabs on your workspace you need to click on the add tabs button.


This is by design. You’ll see them when the cut layer is active, or when in tabs mode, and you should also see the gaps in the preview, but we didn’t want them in the way when designing.

We also just posted a demo video for tabs today:

got it just confused me why i couldnt see the tabs in the preview but its all good…this is a great fucntion to have

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I just imagine Leading lines works the same way like tabs (automatic/manual).
Anyway, this tabs feature is really super mega ultra cool. Thanks a lot!

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