'Tadpole' engraved lines - newby seeking advice from experts!

Hello! I’ve been using LB for about 9 months and there is so much to learn, getting to grips with it very slowly. Also looking at YouTube videos about laser cutting which are extremely useful.
However, I am struggling to find an answer to a particular problem I have and I hope that the experts on here can help me, please! It’s annoying that I saw the problem and its solution mentioned on one of the YouTube videos I saw before I had the machine or LB… and I can’t find the video any more, so at least I know there IS a solution.
(Before you ask, I HAVE tried to find the solution on the LB documentation but I don’t really know how to explain what I’m searching for!)
I’m getting what I have called ‘tadpole’ lines, where the start and end of the engraved line has a blob. I can understand that this is due to the laser accelerating from the stand to required cutting speed while at the preset output power. Of course, this is more prevalent on fast speeds.
I’d upload a photo but I can’t see a link how to…



Can you upload a pic of the “tadpoles” please?

Ah… I tried that earlier by copying from the iPhne attached to laptop and it didn’t work… this time I copied it to Pictures on the laptop and copied it from there… !
Thanks for replying…


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