Taper warp lagging out

i just got a new laptop and am currently trying the taper warp tool.
last time i tried on my outdated computer, it pretty much crashed lightburn. Now though, any time I enter a value (a single digit), or change the direction of the top, lightburn lags out for a good minute or two. I can’t even enter the number as a whole; 102 for example. I have to hit 1, then it lags for a bit, then 0, lag, then 2.
I wouldn’t think this is a massively intense computation or something, so its a bit confusing. My computer as whole is fine, nothing is lagging, just lightburn when trying to use the taper tool. I don’t think it’s the computer stats either, as I can run photoshop and stuff all day long, and never have issues. I’m literally typing this in between changing values right now, and only lightburn is crapping out.
Is this a known issue? Is there something I can do to help this? I intend to start using it for my cups, but I’m not going to go and add another 10 minutes to my design time just for this tool.

EDIT: once I hit ok on the taper warp tool, and it closes, my image has disappeared. there is still an outline box, and start position indicator, but the graphics are gone. Screenshot-2024-05-06-060453 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

EDIT 2: If I don’t select the object, the taper warp tool opens and edits with no issues (which doesn’t warp the object). But if I select it first, the tool lags even opening, and causes the above issues. Screenshot-2024-05-06-061009 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

bumping. haven’t had any luck today

Bumping one last time…

The screenshot shows you have the Top set to Left, which may be confusing the issue.

If you have an extremely high DPI setting for the layer, that may produce problems, particularly with the scan direction perpendicular to the Top.

Other than that, I have no clue. On an ancient Dell Optiplex running Manjaro Linux, the calculations & display updates run faster than I can scroll the values with the trackball wheel.

The top is the direction relative to the graphic/file right? I have my files rotated so that the top of the glass is on the left side of the equipment.

My dpi is only set to 254.