TCP / IP communication has stopped working

I had configured TCP / IP communication with the laser. After updating to the latest version, however, it stopped working out of nowhere. I didn’t change anything. Ping IP laser is ok. The new creation does not work. I currently need to use a USB cable.
When I revert to an older version, I can’t connect anyway.

Furthermore, the default device connection does not work for me after starting the LighBurn program. After each start I have to constantly select it and I don’t like it anymore :(.

Some ideas?

Most likely you have something else on the network that is trying to use the same address - DHCP has probably assigned something else to it. Another user had this same issue - 0.9.11 still worked, but but 0.9.12 did not, and it turned out that the networking code in 0.9.12 is sensitive to the address conflict. This is likely because we updated the framework to a newer version.

How do you mean? Do you have more than one laser configured in your settings and it’s not choosing the default one? or something else?

I had similar issues with my Mac version. I tracked it down to a rogue background app.

I could ping, my lanscan s/w showed the ruida, but no connection.

Rebooted, updated to the newest release and all was fixed.

I have a static IP address on the machine and I verified it. Nothing else on the network has the same address that I verified easily via an IP scanner.
So it won’t be.

The second problem is due to the fact that after starting the lightburn, the laser does not load. I must always select the laser even if it is set as the default. He always loaded himself. And another problem is that I have 180 degrees inverted projects on the new version. And when I select the laser manually, it flips back, but some texts remain mirror-inverted. It makes up to the new version I don’t know why.
I send a picture of what I always have to click.


Things are mirrored/flipped because the Machine Origin is likely not set correctly. Where do you have the ‘Machine Origin’ set? I should be in the location where the laser homes when first powered on.

So in that case the problem will be that the machine is not selected automatically and it is always rotated before I select it manually then it will be aligned until it remains rotated for some font.
This is the problem I describe above and I have a photo of it.

Version 0.9.09 is OK and the machine settings are selected by themselves.
I have these problems with version 0.9.14.

Can you post the photo? The connection issues are likely solved - We moved to a newer version of the framework LightBurn is built on, but it’s been too problematic, so I’ve reverted that change for the next release.

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I saw a number of comms issues with the pre-fix release. Send a job OK, next job - ‘can’t find’, three goes at resetting panel and rebooting OS once, to get it to find the machine.

No problems since the fix.

And if it was going to be a problem, I still had the previous version to fall back on.

I reinstalled windows 10 and now everything works again. Thanks for helping everyone.

Spoke too soon - lots of problems yesterday.

Grrr… bound to be some sort of wog utility I’ve loaded. Time for a machine refresh, methinks.

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