Technical Drawing in Lightburn, is it possible?

I want to be able to recreate a cut pattern from a technical drawing in LightBurn. Is it possible to create shapes and then relatively position them as seen in this image?

I just copied it then traced it in light burn I would say you could draw that free hand also.

I did the same initially - I guess even though its to scale I dont entirely trust the trace.

What Id really like to be able to do is, draw circles and position them relative to each other given the measurements on the diagram. Then cut this pattern without all the measurement lines + numbers.

You can very much draw the shapes that you want and weld them together. Cut them out or engrave them to what ever scale you need. I can’t type that all out. I would suggest tutorials on YouTube.

Pretty easy to do in LB. Set the left circle to xpos 0 ypos 0 with the 9 circle location to center.

Then duplicate the left circle, and enter the new diameter and xpos ypos relative location.


This is what I was looking for, thanks!

Is there any way to set current shape as my (0,0) ?

No. But note that you can use arithmetic in the numeric edit fields.

oh cool thanks!

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