Teething issues - please help

Hi all

I have installed a mini grbl on my k40. Got it all up and running but have a couple of issues.

When I press home it goes to home and bounces off the limit switches like it should. After a cut it either doesn’t and keeps on going or the gantry locks on right in the corner just before it gets there and makes an AWFUL sound.

Also I am getting a light double engrave on bits.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve spent 2 weeks to get to this point :slight_smile:

The first part of this sentence doesn’t make sense to me - what is it doing? It’s possible that you’re losing steps at some point during the job, and when returning to the zero point after a cut it thinks it’s farther from the side than it is, and that would cause it to bang into the rails.

The double engrave could be a 2nd pass that’s not aligned, or the beam bouncing off something if your mirrors aren’t aligned properly.

Both of these things are relatively common for K40’s - you might need to tune the settings to get rid of the first thing, and adjust the mirrors for the 2nd.

Thank you for the reply. I emailed awesome.tech with pics of the board and they have told me (hopefully) what the issue is. The ground wire in the wrong position going into the board.

I will re visit aligning the mirrors and hopefully have more success.

This forum is great and I really appreciate the time people give to help others

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