Tell me what laser and rotary I have?

I have a laser that I purchased from a private party. The guy seriously altered the laser, replacing the actual tube, the power supply and such. I really have now clue what it is. I can only find vague references to it via Google searches and not much on this forum. I like to tinker with it, it’s my big toy, not something I use for work or any profit. I discovered Lightburn and have been using it with no issues (until now). My only issue at this point is when I use the rotary tool, my graphics get elongated. Text turns out fine, but any graphics get pretty stretched out and narrow. I did some glasses early on and had no issues. This problem is recent. I suspect I changed some setting somewhere and I have no clue what or where.

Now, the tag on the laser says it’s a KH 5030. If you look at my photos, you’ll see it’s been modified to accommodate a larger tube. All the answers I see here on adjusting the rotary tool, people refer to their make and model of laser as well as the type of rotary tool. Well, I have no clue what rotary tool I have as it has no markings on it (other than the ones I made). I can’t see that anyone else is asking questions about the KH 5030.

So, I have two questions - What is my laser and rotary tool, and can someone give me some tips on how to calibrate my rotary tool so it works properly again?

EDIT: After I wrote all that, it told me that new users can only upload one photo. So, attached is a shot of the rotary tool.

Thanks bunches!!

I have updated your profile allowing you to post additional images. FYI, “KH” is a reference to the manufacture Kehui, and “5030” identifies the bed size in cm’s.

This might help…

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The machine is less important than the controller - The machine part is motors, the tube, the motor drivers, and the power supply, which are largely interchangeable, standard components. The controller is the thing that orchestrates it all, and the part that LightBurn would talk to, so that’s the interesting bit if you’re trying to figure out what it can do.

This guide might help you sort out that bit:

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Further more you will see your laser referenced to as the blue/white 50w ebay laser, that is a roller rotary that comes with those units normally.

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Thank you SO much everyone for your speedy replies!! At least I know what kind of laser I have. I’m now going to attach the photos I was going to attach last night. You’ll see the modification for the larger laser tube (it’s a 3D printed plastic cover). If you see something that sticks out that you think would help me, please let me know. Fantastic resource here, I can’t thank all of you enough!

Here I go again, being a pain. But, I started going through the answers and started following the “Rotary first time” guide. When the first thing I discovered is that my version of Lightburn doesn’t have “Enable Rotary” option below the “Home” button. I seem to remember it being there previously, but it’s not there now. My version recently updated to Ver 0.9.07. Here’s a screenshot of what mine looks like -
Did this move someplace else that I’m not finding?Print%20window%20no%20rotary

Edit --> Settings. Enable the flag for “Show rotary enable on main window.”

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