Template changes position

I have created a template to drop art work into, this template allows me to place the product in the correct location for engraving. Problem is after a couple of uses the locations change, Im not sure if this is software or hardware. I have noticed that there is not an option to save as a template that I can find. HELP

What do you mean by ‘after a couple of uses the locations change’?

Do you mean that your origin position shifts? If so, that will be your machine, not the software

You can position your templates and decide that it should always start from the “template zero point”. Try to read about Coordinates and Job Origin in the documentation where it is well described.
Physically, you need something stable to position and to be able to fasten your template with so it does not move. I use a 90 degree angle which is bolted to my laser bet.

I just saw that you have an Ortur laser, they usually do not have an integrated working bed. I have permanently screwed my Diode laser on a plate, it does not move.

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