Template File in lighburn or locking color settings?

I am running lightburn on a PC in a highschool woodshop. I love the color settings and layers we can customize, but some students change them. Is there a way to lock the speed/power settings? Or is there a way to create a file/template that students open in lightburn and they have to rename or save it as another file name? Trying to simplify some stuff so we don’t waste time troubleshooting settings/speed/power after a kid mistakenly changes them.
Thanks in advance?

Normally when you save a LightBurn file that contains shapes, the output contains only the layer settings that were used by the design. If you save a LightBurn file with no shapes in it, the system saves every layer, and this is what we call a settings template file. Same file type, it just lets you quickly reset the settings to something known, and is meant as a way to have multiple settings banks that you switch between.

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