Templetes NOT working for me!

I have made several templetes but they NEVER work for me! An example, I made round 2 1/2" templete for engraving on patches. I didn’t set the power strong enough to cut through the cardboard so I cut it again. It made a whole different cut! I didn’t do anything, didn’t move anything or change anything, but it didn’t cut where the first cut was. I did it several more times and each time it cut in a different place. Why is it doing that? Shouldn’t it cut in the exact same place since I’m not moving anything?

The first thing that comes to mind is the ‘Start From’ setting. have you inadvertently set it to ‘Current Position’ instead of ‘Absolute Coords’?


@Marcus_Wakefield likely has the correct diagnosis.

For a little more information on the different Start From modes available, see our documentation here:

Or watch this video guide:

No sir, I used Absolute Coords. I used the laser position on the left to make sure it honed in on my marks at each corner before I started. After I cut I realized it didn’t cut through so I clicked on start again to recut and it totally cut another line just outside the original. Nothing was moved!

No, I DID use Absolute Coords. I cut, just not all the way through, so I hit start again and it cut different lines. Nothing was moved or changed.

That seems very odd, I’ve never experienced that happening. Perhaps @JTR might be able to help further.

sounds like the machine lost steps. absolute coords are relative to the machine home. if the home isnt where it thinks it is, absolute will be wrong.

As @Xbunlocked says it might be losing steps. I had discounted this initially as you didn’t report any issues with the actual cut shape but if it’s only occurring when he laser rapids to position it would certainly cause what you’re seeing. Have you checked belt tensions and made sure the pulley screws are properly tightened against the flat of the motor spindle?

I have not checked all that. When you check the belt tension how do you know if it’s correct? Maybe I didn’t do it correctly, I haven’t had this laser very long.

It’s a bit of trial and error really although you will find posts on this forum explaining how best to go about it.

Ok, thank you! I’ll sure check that out! :grinning:

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