Tensegrity Model - who made one ☝️

Here is a cool project to kill your boredom during this quarantine. Looks like it’s scalable and highly profitable if you want to pursue it.

This particular design is a business card and pen holder.



Wow. I want that design.

Have you ever seen Torggler Doors? This reminds me of the same mind blowing reaction I had when I saw those:

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I saw that exact same thing this morning and almost posted, I’m glad you did, I really like that door.


Revision… I saw the same concept but a different video

Back to the original topic, I have spent about 30 minutes looking for Tensegrity CAD, but I have found nothing (not even CAD drawings for sale). Do you have any suggested sources?

@Stroonzo I’m afraid my research came up the same as you.

All I have is this cool article on the subject

I was also impressed with this kids coffee table.

Plenty of examples on Thingiverse:

Maker’s Muse just did one with a laser but I don’t think he makes the CAD file available:

It shouldn’t be too hard to design a simple one from scratch if you are handy with CAD.

Angus’ design is a bit more stable, due to the wider spacing of the support lines. The first one has the “cabling” too close together. One may notice that Angus’ piece does flex a bit too much when weighted, but that’s just a tension adjustment.

Not to diminish the work of the first artist, but twenty bucks for a design that can be reverse engineered from eye is a bit high, although it is a less than ideal design for a stable structure. Perhaps the bit of timey-wimey weebly-wobble is part of the attraction.

The floating illusion as a result of using fishing line is pretty good. I just like that it is scalable and it can be made more stable for other project adaptation.


My version, entirely in LB.
tensegregrity.lbrn (47.3 KB)

EDIT: And apparently I can’t figure out the geometric center, so will need to adjust a little bit.
Re-EDIT: Actually, I’m apparently smart enough to figure out the center, but not to put it together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Add: Assembled. I need to get some clear thread/fishing line to actually finish it… Plus fingers nimble enough to knot it.

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Great design Sash!!

Isn’t it as easy as tracing this image and throw it in LB?

Awesome @Sensor. ! Thanx for the share