Terrible luck with chillers

The title mostly says it all… Chillers keep crapping out. I’ve gone through a lot of the older forums here, and see some report similar problems.

TL;DR: Looking for a non-CW5xxx cooler

More background:

I started with a CW-5000, and after about 2-3 weeks, it stopped cooling. Got a replacement, after another month, same problem.

Went with a different branded CW-5000 (Vevor), same issue.

Got one from LO, it lasted about 6 months, and then failed, they sent a replacement that lasted 2 weeks before the pump started leaking and the compressor started arcing and tripped the breaker.

I am not interested in a DIY setup with external pumps, buckets, etc… preferably a closed loop system like the above. Anyone have any brand that is different and reliable?

Thanks in advance…

What’s the weather like where you’re running it?

My first one arrived DOA, but the replacement works fine… I live in the SW desert area of Arizona, so it gets hot.


Southeast US… So summertime sees mid-90s (F), higher side of the humidity spectrum.

I only run it when I use the equipment, so it’s not 24x7 (likely 2x / week, 4-5 hrs at a time)

I have the Southern “garage fridge” that has been going strong for 15 years, so even something that is 1/4 as reliable would be awesome

Recommendations welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t really have any suggestions.

I have a distant friend who’s in the AC business. He deals with commercial AC and I ended up giving it to him. He fixed it as it’s gases leaked out, and also the leak. There were no valves to attach to equipment, so he fabricated a couple and got it running.

He sold it for me… don’t know what he got for it, but he gave me the $80 bucks I was out :tada:

My only suggestion is to a higher quality one… I really don’t know what to suggest.

Hang in there and lets wait for some other suggestions.


Yeah… I think that’s the thing. This seems to be the primary (only?) game in town… unless I want a $10k glycol chiller :joy:

Thanks for the response, glad I’m not alone. Here’s to hope

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Closed loop system is now what I use. A cheap new A/C condenser and fan from a car parts store (online, amazon, find the cheapest you can find) and a 12V magnetic or impeller water pump with a few feet of good quality silicone hose. You get good at cleaning solvents and flushing stuff out, you can get really cheap from a junkyard. I got a lot of stuff for free from a ‘reviewers program’.

You might get away using the onboard power supply, but I opted for a new 30A PS, also from the 'zon. Fill out of a bucket with whatever cooling mix you run, and when the air bubbles stop coming back in, connect the bucket hoses and close the loop. Connect the whole deal to the water pump outlet (if your laser has one) or it’s own power strip. Machine kicks on, calls for pump, turns on the power supply and the fan/pump start running. Or you turn on the unit. Either/or.

When I’m cutting out the ‘f*cks’ for my merchandise, I can hit 35C (95F) in 20-25min running at 40% (it’s a lot of small cuts, but close enough together it’s nearly a constant on). With the loop, I barely get above 25C, nearly independent of the shop temperature. If it’s stupid hot (for me, that’s mid-80’s) in the shop, I never get above ambient. Anything above 85, the AC goes on and takes it to 70 because of humidity. But seeing anything above 90F on the loop never happens any more.

So, my cheap system is just the Air Conditioner condenser and fan from a car, a 12V pump, power supply and some hoses/clamps. Authorized? Nope. “Legal”? Nope. Void the warranty? I did that when the unit caught fire because of factory wires shorting out.
My parts list:

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Thanks for sharing… glad to know that there may be some possibilities for DIY success here. Really appreciate the links.