Test file to download

Hi folks im looking for a file to download
To run
To engrave and cut squares at different speeds and power
To find the optimum power speed setting for a specific item to cut and engrave to get the best result:)
Im using a 60w Co2
Thanks in advance

Generate your own: Laser Tools menu > Material Test

Hi Tom
Thanks for your feedback
i use light burn but when i go into tools i cannot find
material test ???

Take a closer look at @tom_l’s post. It should be Laser Tools->Material Test. “Laser Tools” is a separate menu header assuming you’re on a relatively recent version of LightBurn.

I havent updated to the updated light burn
As i have heard a lot of negative things about the update
I have been told there is a file you can run
Which will cut/ engrave at various speeds & power
So you have a visual reference
Or am going dafter lol

What version of LightBurn are you running?

Can you confirm if you have a Laser Tools menu choice at all? If so, it will be located there. If not, you won’t have access to the tool at all.

What have you heard? The latest 1.2.01 is easily the best version of LightBurn to date. Even most regressions that I’ve seen can be worked around.

Unless you have a very specific behavior that you want to preserve there’s really little reason not to upgrade. Or else you could go back if not satisfied.

Very important note, however: Because of a change in how cut layers work opening an old file in the newest versions will be a one-way operation. You may want to take a backup of all your design files if that’s a concern.

As for test patterns you can do a search on this forum for plenty of various files.

You can generate a custom one here if the built-in one is not doing what you want:
Lightburn PowerScale Generator - O2 Creative


Hi may i thank you very much for your help
Problem sorted :slight_smile:
I have just upgraded to the undated version
Now all i have to do is find out why i open something its upside down and inside out lol about face on the screen
:frowning: the joys of lazering lol
Thanks again everyone

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