Test Shot with keyboard

Hello everyone

I have a own construction machine of 120 x 160 cm, with 7813 trocen controller, in the touchscreen of this controller i have a botton where i touch and my co2 laser make a shot test.

when i need to line up my laser, need go to the keyboard on trocen controller to make shot and return to the mirror to see the result.

this makes aligning very slow when i’m alone.

Is it possible to create a hotkey so that I can test fire from the keyboard of the laptop?

I know that with the Alt+S key I can start the cut and with the Ctrl+Cancel key I can stop it, but the ideal would be to make a short shot at low power to facilitate the alignment of the machine.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

There’s no test fire button for Ruida so I’d suspect there would be no such control for Trocen devices either.

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