Testing of £6 camera going well


Was pretty straight forward, the original lens is no good so I have used one from a racing quad camera I had knocking around and will be testing it in the morning.

Works over wifi, which is why I decided to try it.

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What camera are you using? Did I miss the beginning of this thread?

Sorry, looks like I deleted that bit. Its an ESP-Cam, My home made lens was no good, so have ordered a new 120degree lens for £4.50. Takes a bit of setting up but seems like it could work.

While I wait for the new lens I decided to try another camera I had around. Its a YI Home 720p. After some software installing and calibration it’s working great, accurate to less than 1mm.

Was easy to mount too.

Looks very nice and small.

Hi Phil I had saw your post about using a yi home camera with lightburn. I was wondering did you do anything special to get it to work or did you just hook it up to your computer and lightburn recognized it?