Testing the rotary revolution

I saw a video on You Tube where the guy tested the wheel rotation using RD Works. I have Lightburn and can not find a test button anywhere. Is there a way to test that the wheel of the rotary is spinning 1 complete revolution without creating something to engrave? Does that make sense?? Thank you, I’m VERY new to this so please be patient with me :slight_smile:

With the rotary properly connected you can use the panel on the controller to move the rotary axis. You can also use the controls found in the LightBurn ‘Move’ window.

It spins the wheel when I press the button but it doesn’t spin all the way around. I’m trying to test the complete revolution of the wheel to make sure the settings are correct.

Draw a thin vertical box whose height is the same as the rotary circumference value (either the roller circumference or object circumference). Send that to the laser and it behaves the same as the rotary test button in RDWorks.

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