Text binding to circle

I’m trying to achieve this by binding text to a circle (or two circles none of which need to be output) but I can’t see how/if it can be done. I couldn’t easily describe it so I mocked it up by just bending the text, but I believe binding to a circle would make it more symmetrical and look neater…

Or if you wanted text bound to the circle but like the lower part instead of the upper…

Capto_Capture 2021-06-30_01-35-26_PM

You have options for how to produce this look. :slight_smile:

Take a look at this: Fonts and Text - LightBurn Software Documentation

Additionally, review this, then post back if you hit snags, we can offer a workflow example.

Thanks Rick for the prompt reply, I see the magic is turning the circle “over” which I wouldn’t have thought of :joy:

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