Text color fill

(Robert Reichel) #1

I would like to know where I can go to fill the text so the hole text gets engraved and not just the outline . I can’t seem to find were to do this. Please help, thanks.

(Rick James) #2

Do you have the cut layer set to ‘Fill’?


(Oz) #3

Change the layer type from Line to Fill:

(James island) #4

I have mine set to fill and still the text is not solid. I do not use LB to run my laser, but instead, I export the files to a software that will run the Helix. it would be great to be able to fill the text and have it stay that way when exporting… is this possible? thank you for your help, anyone!

(Oz) #5

If you preview, you’ll see the fill, and if you export to SVG, it will also export with the fill enabled. LightBurn renders in wire-frame by default. If you want to see filled lettering within LightBurn, go to the Window menu and choose one of the filled View Styles.

(James island) #6

oh gosh, that was so simple. thank you for pointing that out to me!!!

(James island) #7

I am seeing that some of the letters, such as “P” and “B” for example, or the number 0 look good and solid as they should in the software, but when exported, the closed area of the letters and the entire number zero are filled in. is there a way to keep them looking normal in the export??? thanks for your time!

(Oz) #9

You say “when exported” - Can you elaborate? Are you exporting to SVG, or do you mean when you send to the laser?

(James island) #10

sorry, yes, exported as .SVG

(Oz) #11

I’ll have to look at what’s happening. There’s a decent chance the shapes need to be combined into a single path object in order to be treated as an outline with a hole.

(James island) #12

I have attached 3 screenshots to show the issue. First is the text in Lightburn as I am making it. Second is what the exported svg looks like and the third is back in light burn, and it appears I can select both the inner or outer lines of the character and drag the “hole” off of it… either way it exports to be solid. any idea what to do ? thanks for your help!

(James island) #13

it wouldn’t let me put all 3 images on the single post.

(Rick James) #14

As Oz identifies above, this is being looked into and may require an update to the code. We will let you know once sorted. Can you export without converting the text to paths? This appears to be working as you would like.