Text engrave question

I have text that I want to engrave on something I am carving out on my CNC. The placement of the words is important. I have tried to import the “image” into Lightburn and am having trouble.

  1. How do I insure the text I want is a solid engrave instead of a line engrave?
  2. How do I get rid of the grayscale? The dead space with no engrave from the blank of the page containing the text?
    Thank you for your help.

You have an image of your text instead of actual text? If that’s the case is the text in the image filled?. It would be helpful if you could provide a picture of what you’re trying to do.

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OK … that’s a picture of some text. You can’t apply a fill to images but they will burn as an image. You could redo that image making the text black so it would burn darker or redo it by typing and laying out the text (in Lightburn) as you have it which you could then apply a fill to.

Drag and drop the image.
Select the image (needs the box around it with squares in corners)
Right click and select trace image.
Tweak the settings to get the outline you want for each word.
That should make the outlines a layer you can change the mode to fill.


OK, I think I got it figured. I added the font to Lightburn and re-created it. But now it seems to want to cut out the letters and not just engrave them. What do I have wrong?

Is the layer not set to “Fill” mode?
If in “Line” mode it will want to cut the outlines of the text.

Had it on Fill and it gave me an estimated 3 hours. Switched to Offset fill to get it in 20 but it still seems to want to cut it.

A screenshot of your settings would help. Also what laser are you using?

I have an Atomstack X7 Pro

With a 10W laser

See if this works better… following @Elimont procedure…

text.lbrn2 (103.2 KB)


Thank you! I will. Can I speed it up? What is the best way to do so? It is telling me 1 1/2 hours currently.
I am very new to the engraving stuff. Using my CNC seems to be way easier than this. Or maybe I’m just nrevous about setting something ablaze. lol

If you just want to burn that text as one colour dark you don’t need to use the Atkinson image mode (which is more for photo type images).
Try checking the Pass through box and check the preview for how long that will take.

To answer can you speed it up.
Each machine and each material has a different setting. You will need to test various materials at various speeds and powers to see what works best for the material you are using. I am assuming because yo uasked if you could speed it up you dont yet know the different settings for different materials. This is a simple video on the idea. I have drawers full of different test samples of different materials but those only work on my machine. It is a rabbit hole so be careful not to test more than you actually make things.
As far as image and all the different settings as to which dither is best. None of that really matters for this. That is a totally different rabbit hole to dive down. I don’t think that one has a bottom. Only use image when actually trying to create an image (photo rendered) into the material. Filling words and such is a fill unless maybe there is some shading in the lettering or something like that.

I do not remember how I got it on Atkinson image mode TBH. And I cannot find the Pass Through Box.

Pulled up my cut settings and Pass Through is not showing there

Pass-Through is right beside the Image mode menu box. You said you had typed out and arranged the text so it should no longer be an image but will be a text object (vector) that can be filled.

It’s only available when the layer is an image…


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