Text Engraving very Deep at start/end

I have an OMTech DF0812-40BN - K40+ Laser, and trying to figure out the text engraving aspect. Often I am finding that when it engraves a line of text, the outer ends engraves extremely deep, while the inside of the line of text is shallow.

here is an example of what I mean.


I believe the Omteck K40+ is a GRBL controlled machine right?

Make sure
a) your controller is GRBL and not GRBL M3
b) you are using overscan if possible

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I believe it is GRBL (I allowed Lightburn to automatically select).

how do I ensure controller is GRBL not GRBL M3 please and thank you.

I’ll do a test and set for overscanning as well, Thank You!

Is GRBL the M3 is below
So that cant be it

Overscan maybe will fix it shouldnt need more than 2.5-5%

Overscan definitely fixed the issue. Thanx!


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