Text getting washed out in preview by other graphics

In layout mode graphics look great. In preview, text (line only) is washed out by another graphic. Tried making sure text was on top but still no glory. Running LB 0.9.10

Show us a picture of the entire LightBurn screen showing the artwork and ‘Cuts’ window so we can see what you are working with.


Rick, I also tried using the text option in LB and still had the same issue. the text in the pics is a graphic I inserted. TIA.

That is not going to work as you want. These are images and as such, each is fully scanned and no auto-clipping or editing is done by LightBurn to have it work as you have laid this out.

You have a few options though. You can use an external photo editing tool to clip out what you want, but given this artwork, I might go about it all inside LightBurn.

The ‘Tree-Bird’ background art has a bunch of details yet is all black, so it is a good candidate for using the ‘Trace Image’ feature. You could use that same tool to trace the text, but if you have the same font available to you, or you could download something “close enough”, I would recreate the text in LightBurn and use the ‘Boolean’ tools to clip the newly created vector background. If you use the ‘Trace Image’ for the text, still use the ‘Boolean’ tools to get the look you want.

I hope that makes sense?

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thanks Rick. I’ll see what I can figure out with the Boolean’ tools. can you direct me to tutorial?

Thanks for the help Rick. It’s only a half tone so I’ll just make it one photo instead of multiple layers. As you can tell I’m a newb so for now I should just stick with my pay grade :wink:

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