Text height not accurate

Hello fellow users,
I am pretty new to lightburn, and am very happy with it so far.
I make a lot of industrial signs and panels.
Exact text height is specified by customer
My problems is, if i set for example a letter height of 3mm, its not accurate. The text is only 2.5mm high, i have to increase the height to 3.5mm to get 3mm text.
Is this a generic problem with lightburn.
Any advise would be appreciated
My apologies if this has been covered previously

No. Have you tested this also in RDWorks?

Try testing this with a large square, typically the bigger the better. Make a square of a known dimension. Compare the size of the burn against the design.

What are the results?

You can calibrate this by going to Edit->Machine Settings->Calibrate Axis for both X and Y.

Before doing this, I suggest taking ai full backup of your settings in Machine Settings.

Maybe i didnt explain it properly.
This is within lightburn, my laser produces exactly what i send.
If i zoom into 3mm text in lightburn its only 2.5mm high, but shows 3mm in text height box. Engrave it and measure, 2.5mm

Can you upload a .lbrn file that shows this?

I will upload it tomorrow as my equipment is in the shed

There are several problems when we talk about text height.
Is is the height of a uppercase letter like E? The height between the highest point of a character and the lowest one? The height between two lines?
I did a little test:

The text is Verdana 25, according to the settings. The blue box, of height between highest point (h) and lowest (rounded letters like s or e) is of height 20. The height of the LB letters is 18.2.
But the red box enclosing two lines exactly is 50, ie. twice the defined height…
But as I write this, I realize I forgot about the descenders, and if we go farther, the accents for some languages:

In this screenshot, the blue box has a height of 30.2. Larger than the set size. That’s 24.4 if we forget À and ç…

And that’s just for one font, it might vary with another.

So if you want an exact size, I fear you have to do as you already do: adjust the size setting until you get the right value for your use case, with the help of some enclosing box as shown.

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